Investing In Silver Is Better Than Gold

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While the élite and the central bank own tons of gold bullion, it’s interesting to note that they hold no physical silver. Physical silver is cheaper than physical gold. Therefore the average person could without much thought, buy an ounce or two at any time without hurting their wallets or upsetting their budgets. On the other hand, should they want to buy an ounce of gold, chances are it could hurt their wallets and strain their monthly budget. Therefore they probably would have to consult with their spouse first before making such a purchase.

Pure gold has little industrial usage compared to pure silver. While gold mining is very common, silver mining is usually a by-product of other industrial metals being mined together such as zinc or lead. It’s usually not mined separately.

G.A.T.A. the Gold Anti Trust Committee for many years now has been at the forefront of exposing major banks to manipulating gold prices. Through GATA’s relentless investigations and continuing public awareness campaigns, they are responsible for gold’s heightened public awareness within the investment community.

This group spent $265,000.00 to place a full-page article in the Wall Street Journal. First, why have our nation’s gold reserves not been audited in over 50 years? Second, exactly how much physical gold was now being held within the government’s vaults? These hard-line questions were a direct assault, aligned at the heart of the manipulators themselves, the central bankers, and the élite.

Around one year after the Wall Street Journal article appeared, GATA started supporting the idea that it was better to sell gold and buy silver. The reasoning behind this new approach was that fighting a battle between central bankers would be a lot easier to win if done within the silver market. That is because central banks don’t have any stored quantities of silver bullion to physically sell, as they do gold bullion. GATA is an organization with a voice as powerful as its knowledge in the precious metal investment community. When they announced it was time to start selling physical gold and exchange it for physical silver people rose, listened, and took action.

Industrial silver has now been used for the past 100 years; unfortunately, it has not had much notoriety as a precious metal. Industrial metals such as aluminum, copper, and iron are plentiful. They are used in large quantities and thus are easy to recycle. Unlike most industrial metals, products that need silver, actually use very small amounts. Many times it can be hard if not impossible to recover, therefore it’s usually not cost-effective to recover or recycle. In the past 64 years, more physical silver has been consumed than has been produced. There is now far less white metal above and below ground than its big brother gold, therefore it is rarer too.

The silver market is very small compared to the gold market; it would not take much time or money on silver’s side to force the hands of the élite and central bankers to surrender from their illegal manipulating games. At some point possibly sooner than one may think, these games will stop. The control of the silver market will finally rest in the investor’s hands and not the banks’. This will happen when the gargantuan manipulating banks can no longer cover all their outstanding short contracts. At this point, they will implode under the weight of their debt and finally be destroyed.

Silver will finally rise naturally to reach its true value which could be like “winning the lottery” for every ounce held. At this time, a large part of the population will wake up and race into precious metals. However, for them, it will be too late. As this would be the critical time to sell, to get out, not get in. The value for the white metal at this juncture will substantially increase in value on a percentage basis in comparison to its big yellow brother because of all the reasons discussed.

So make sure you start today, don’t delay any longer, and buy what you can afford each month on a cost-averaging basis. Over time it will average out to a very low buy-in price for what you have accumulated. Purchase prices today are still a bargain, there still extremely undervalued. Spot prices this low are not going to last much longer. With global debt constantly rising, central bank money printing is expected to run full tilt; until the global fiat-based monetary system itself finally implodes. It is possible; we may never revisit these lower price levels again once this market gains a head of steam and starts its upward movement again.

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