Gold To Spiral As Debt Consumes The Planet

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Globally, politicians and central bankers are taking the path of least resistance, choosing to paper over national debts thus assuring the creation of a worldwide debt bubble of biblical proportions. The world is simply drowning in its debt. Spain’s bond rates went back above 7.5 percent. Currently global debt totals about $150 trillion, however, once you add the dependencies from governments such as various liabilities, both funded and unfunded along with pension funds you can crank this figure upwards to $500 trillion.

There is no way these indebted nations will ever have the resources to pay back the enormous amounts of debt already incurred, let alone any more future debt. Currently, euro zone nation debt obligations have exceeded total tax revenue. America is in no better shape. Here is the real kicker; it does not stop at $500 trillion. Now add the issuance of outstanding derivatives from key banks that have no assets of any kind (real or otherwise) backing them and we can push this number up towards one quadrillion dollars.

You don’t need a college education to add up to $500 trillion-plus $1 quadrillion to get the sum. When you do add them up it’s an earth-shattering $1.5 quadrillion dollars alongside 50 trillion dollars, the total sum currently of global GDP. This figure is 30 times the total GDP of the planet. It’s incomprehensible to think that someone, anyone would risk investing in government bonds today knowing full well they will never be repaid.

This will boost currency supplies of nations to the point where individual national currencies will become worthless. It would potentially take hundreds of trillions of dollars to be printed. The impact on economies would result in utter disaster, as hyperinflation consumes everything.

It’s been written in history books and there are people still alive today who can still testify to Weimar Germany’s hyperinflation from 1919 – 1923. Gold’s price was at 100 German marks before the hyperinflation started; at its peak, the price of gold was at 100 trillion marks. The entire Weimar republic was destroyed.

Hard assets such as gold and silver will positively spiral into orbit when this final scene plays out. The projected target price of gold within the next 12-18 months is between $3500.00 and 5,000.00 dollars. Within 3 years gold has the potential of surpassing $10,000.00 an ounce. With the sheer volume of money creation expected, massive inflation globally will occur.

Protect yourself and your family by preparing now. If you have not yet started accumulating physical gold and silver, start today. Market prices are still severely undervalued which translates to bargain prices in today’s precious metals. Throughout history, physical gold and silver have acted as money and as an insurance policy to hedge against inflation, deflation, or even hyperinflation and the destruction of paper money.

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