Gold Investing Secrets

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Gold stock investing may soon become the only profitable financial sector. Gold stock investing hedges against inflation and out-of-control debt. We are reaching a point where government intervention in the free markets is reaching a tipping point. Gold stock investing may be the last bastion of capitalism as we knew it in America.

Now is the time to get serious with your gold stock investing. We are in the early stages of a bull market in gold and the downside is currently limited. If you feel that the green shoots that the media is hyping these days are taking root, then maybe gold stock investing is not for you. If, on the other hand, you are feeling uneasy about the economy and the dollar’s future, then gold stock investing is for you.

It seems pretty clear that the government’s policy of quantitative easing is not going to end any time soon and that, in and of itself, will send the dollar down and gold up. Quantitative easing is just a fancy way of saying that the Fed is going to print money and throw it at the problem. The effect of this insane policy is to flood the world with dollars that cannot be removed from the system, leaving the dollar’s value with nowhere to go but down. China has already hinted that they want to diversify out of the dollar, as has Russia. This movement should pick up steam as we get into the 4th quarter of 2009.

As if quantitative easing were not enough, the Obama administration wants to nationalize health care. The government’s estimate for this boondoggle is 1 & ½ trillion dollars which will have to be created out of thin air since we don’t have it. The United States of America is going into debt faster than the government can print money.

When have you ever heard of the government doing anything on a budget? It hasn’t happened in the past and it won’t happen this time. The deficit is going to grow massively until the adults, if there are any left, restore sanity and order to the government.

Gold stock investing is your means of positioning yourself for the coming dollar devaluation. The only thing that can stop this from occurring would be, well, a miracle, and you know the odds of that happening.

It is time to take your future into your own hands and start profiting from investing in gold stocks while the prices are relatively cheap. Gold stocks are going to become household names soon, so don’t be left on the outside looking in. Start gold stock investing today.

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